NCSL - Elite Series Rules 2021

Elite Soccer Series plays FIFA Laws of the Game with the following modifications and explanations:

GAME BALL: Size 5, provided by home team

LENGTH OF GAME HALVES: 40-minute halves

SUBSTITUTIONS: From mid-field, at any stoppage, with the consent of the referee. Substituted players may return.

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COACH: It is the coach’s responsibility to control his/her own behavior and that of adults with his/her team on either sideline. Coaches must remain within 20 yards of their side of the center line.

Referees may show yellow and red cards to coaches.

If referee does not arrive: The game may be played with a volunteer if both coaches agree.

General Requirements:

· All players must be age-appropriate (may play “up,” but not “down”) and registered to a USYS team within their club.

· An unlimited number of club pass players are allowed, such that the total number of participating players on each team does not exceed 18.

· Teams must provide a list of participating players (game-day roster) to the referee prior to kickoff. No NCSL blue game card is required.

· No player may participate without presenting his/her USYS player card to the referee at check-in.

· The away team shall have choice of colors. In the event of a conflict, the home team must change if so directed by the referee.


· All cautions and ejections are to be reported to the league by the referee in the game report.

· Persons earning ejections must leave the field area immediately and must sit out the next ESS game, unless specifically excused by the R&D Chairman.

Post-Game Procedures:

· The winning team shall report game results within 48 hours (2 days) of the conclusion of the match, including cautions and ejections, to the league administrator by email ( The email must include the game number.